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You really should read the below before taking your business any further with us. It’s important. Because we have a lot of info on our website, sometimes it can be information overload for some people. I will keep this short and sweet as I don’t want to bore you with details (Make sure you read to the end where I tell you something interesting about Gary Neville , ex Manchester United soccer star) and how to get special deals and discounts on our packages. 


A quick bio of Stagit, so you know who your dealing with: 

  1. Stagit.uk is The United Kingdom’s Leading stag event Management company.
  2. In 2012 we will have sent away over 12,000 people all over Ireland, UK and Europe.
  3. We are 3 years running and have grown organically (Yes,we started in the middle of the recession)
  4. We currently have a staff of 9 people all dedicated to making sure your weekend is 100%.
  5. All our packages are financially secure, ie, your money is held in a trusted account.


So why the hell should you deal with us? Well….

  1. We make organising your weekend easier and cheaper since we have discounted deals with all our suppliers. Deals you cannot get.
  2. All the lads can login and pay online, so you don’t have to chase anyone for money.
  3. You can login and keep an eye on everyone with your own personal website. Here you can see who has paid, not paid, accepted invitations and view your weekend details.
  4. All our packages are tried and tested, by us and over 12,000 customers. All our customer leave us glowing feedback, with our 100 + reviews currently http://stagit.uk/posts/testimonials


So What’s That About Gary Neville?

Gary Neville came to Ireland for a stag in July 2012, and yours truly was asked to recommend all the best spots for him and his entourage. We provided them with the perfect ingredients for a fantastic weekend. This is not an unusual thing for us here at Stagit. We have been interviewed and mentioned on all the major radio shows and newspapers.

  1. The Irish Sun
  2. Joe.ie
  3. Newstalk
  4. 98FM


One of our team will pop you an email quote over the coming 24 hours and get in touch with you for a chat about the weekend you have in mind. Until then, why not share us on Facebook? We regularly do special deals and discounts for our Facebook customers.

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